How to choose fishing lines

Fishing line is one of the vital tools with anglers, and is the “connection” between them and fish. Using the correct type of wiring in the type lures or live bait is the key to success. But not everyone knows much about wiring, especially the new generation of wires.

• Wire Braid
In the early 1900s, Braid had been researched and developed to become the line cord with the large sold amount. Silk, with ease of maintenance and preservation has become the main raw material for Braid wires. While fishing, anglers should clean the wire and hook up a dry place to prevent damp, moldy or rotten rope. During the war years, two new synthetic fibers are invented and have been used as a fishing line.
Wire Braid is very strong, resistant to abrasion, inelastic; absorb less water, high sensitivity even when being wet, unlike Mono wire. It also does not make imprints on the tubes. Braid wires are not weakened under the sun.
Users still prefer Braid wires but with the advances of Mono wire and the introduction of new strains of hybrids, there is a reduction of the popularity for this wire line. Braid wires is used primarily in popping, jigging, trolling and deep water levels in the Fly type.
In 1990, the company manufacturing fishing lines began adding a new material that was Dilemma synthetic and Spectra Braid wires in the process. They have created a new line Braid wires called “Super Braids – Multifilament”. Synthetic fibers are very thin, soft, smooth, but very strong, abrasion resistant and high impact brought to the anglers Super Braid wires.

Benefit of “Super Braids – Multifilament” is very large. Because the wire “Super Braids – Multifilament” has very small diameter, wire will not stretch to transmit signals to the rod immediately as soon as the fish attack prey. With superior power, it is the main line used to the big fishes like Muskie, Pike, stripers, catfish and marine fish species.
• Fused wire
The popularity of Super Braid wires is created by combining several new features that fiber Dilemma and Spectra: ultra-thin diameter, low stretch and the strength. The innovative companies have realized this and recommend a new manufacturing process for the used wire. Fused wire made from many layers of fiber and Polyethylene microfilaments. They are designed stitched together to form a rope with high performance, ultra-slim, superior strength, very sensitive with good abrasion resistance.

• Fly wire
Today, the fishing line is made up of 2 Fly layers: the inner core layer and outer coating. The inner core is made of wire Braid or Mono. The core strength of the rope decisions helps wire tension and stiffness. Outer coating surrounding the core is usually made of polyvinyl chloride PVC material. Coatings determine floating or submersible wires. Floating rope with tiny bubbles helps wire to float. Wire rope sink for being impregnated by a substance in a controlled rate.

• Core Lead wire:
Wiring “Lead Core” is on the market since 1970, dedicated to the fish Salmon, Lake Trout, Steelhead and walleye. This wire is also used in this type of rod with the kind of bait lures as bait spoon, balsa and plastic minnow bait so they can dive up to a desired depth.
Lead Core has 2 layers: the inner layer is made of soft, flexible wire; Outer casing braids nylon braid and steams into a color-coated fiber with each 10 yards / color. Packing of wires is from 100-200 yards / a roll and wire 12-45lb tonnage.
Number of wires “Lead Core” contained in the machine totally depends on the species of fish that anglers want to catch and is based on the depth in which they live.
• Wire
Wire is a different kind of trolling fishing lines in the selection, for the fish that live in very deep place.
Wires are Nickel and Copper Alloys. This can wire inserted regardless of depth thanks to their ultra-thin diameter and their weight. Wire is very common in freshwater fishing.
Beside the rod, the fishing line is one of the most important tools for an effective fishing trip. With this sharing above we hope that you will get more knowledge about the fishing lines and can choose for yourself the suitable one

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