Hunting Essential Equipment List For Hunters

Hunting is a challenge sport which has more dangerous factors than some other regular sports such as tennis or soccer. So in order to have an interesting and safety hunting trip, beside the gun, you need to carry some other support equipments such as rifle scopes (to increase the accuracy of each shoot), emergency kits (in case you be injured), GPS gear to ensure that you do not be lost in hunting area, where are usually forest or wild places. In this post, I want to give you my opinions about choosing the best supporting equipments for hunter such as best hunting boots, rifle scopes, or shooting sticks in the current market.

  1. Rifle scopes

This is an essential equipment for hunter for have high proportion of accuracy shoots. It mains function is increase the quality of hunting shoots, very useful, especially for deer hunting. Because as you known, human eyes are cannot see the things stay too far from their location, so the rifle scopes can support hunter to shoot and see the subjects easier. There are various of rifle scope manufacturers in current market, we can name some of the most famous are Leapers, Nikon, Vortex, Bushnell, and Burris.

There are 4 main types of rifle scopes which are Compact, Sniper, Laser Ranfeinder, and Pistol rifle scope. The advantage of compact rifle is light weight, easy to carry for long distance, suitable for short gun and mini rifle. In contrast, the sniper rifle scopes is the device can providing a long vision, so it also use as a telescope, help to focus on moving subjects, suitable for hunting deers. With laser rifle scope, you can get the higest level of accuracy, help you to know the distance between you and the subjects, so you can provide the best condition for your shoot. Pistol scope is popular for the user who use the hand guns. It is the best scope for short distance targets.

  1. Hunting boots

This is an essential accessory for every hunter due to they have to walk a lot and is the stuff protecting hunter’s feet. The function of the hunting boots is depend on the material they made from, for example the rubber hunting boots have great quality of waterproof and durability but it is not breathable, so if wearing the rubber hunting boot for long time, it will make the hunter feel uncomfortable.

The sole of hunting boots is usually made from rubber or high tech foam to maximize its ability of adhesion, pretent hunter from flip off when they have to go into wet and swampy location. 3 main types of hunting boots height are ankle, half – calf, and knee, depend on the terrain of the place you go hunting, you should choose the suitable one. For the upper part of the boots, the common material is leather, although it is a high fashion material, it requires alot of attention to preservation the boots from changing the original color and its shape.

A notice for women users that they need to pay more attention about the lace more than men because in general, the thinkness of women’s feet is not bigger than men’s, so women need to tight the lace more carefully.

  1. GPS watch

In current market, thanks to the development of technology and the demand of hunter, there are a lot of different types of GPS devices for hunter, from handle device such as watch, necklace, etc or some bigger device formed in bigger box. GPS watch with light weight can help hunter to identiy their current location and then clarify the details of location and what is the typical local animals to ensure their safety condition.

Besides the GPS function, the watch also provides the ability to view map of terrain, connect to internet, and ability to video the hunting trip, make them become your reference for the next trip, then you can see your improvement throught time of practicing. The GPS watch can be integrated the training courses for hunter can learn the new skills and experiences to improve their safety condition when hey have to come into the tropical forest or some dangerous location for their hunting trip.

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