The Best Rod To You For Playing Golf

You are beginner for playing golf. In addition, you want find a rod that can help you serve for golf. So now, we will help you choose a suitable rod for you.

With Golf Clubs, Beginners will be difficult to choose. However, you just pay attention to some features and then you can choose the best one.

There are 3 types of sticks that any golfer would need to have, which is wooden clubs, irons, and bitter. Best Golf Clubs For Beginners is a kind of rod that is suitable for you.

These sticks are numbered in the order does not count. When you set irons following the numbers are regulations from 3 to nine and then you can consider and choose about the PW, AW, SW and LW.

Your 3 iron rod is the longest rod that has angle the shaft and the smallest sticks. 4 iron mace shorter sticks about 1/4 inch and 3 created by face and body angle larger sticks.

The Iron Rod

The 3-iron rod is long and have the most remote polished, so the shorter stick and ball 4 will come closer. Its angle of about 50-52 degrees, with short shaft for special shots pulse in the green.

Driver Aka Wooden Sticks

This is the atomic bomb in your arsenal if you use this kind of rod, it is effectively. If not, it becomes wrong amplification machine. Driver sticks most flat surfaces because its design. Flat surface of the rod allows the balloons with the smallest corners, minimize the effects of wind. That is reason this kind of rod has big strength.

However, it would be most difficult when using sticks in the bag sticks by its length usually makes it difficult to control than the other rod. This is also the cause of the beginner so wooden sticks.


Irons are used for shots in a short distance as the tee on the par  and hit the road. The rod of iron, it is also numbered from 1 upwards. Mostly you will see a standard set of irons 3-9, with 3 iron rod is the longest tree and plane in the irons.

There are also special sticks called rod iron wedges. A bag usually has one tree par sand wedge (SW), and a bat pitching wedge (PW), with 45 to 50 degree angle from. SW sticks are often used to hit the ball out of the bunker and sticks PW is designed for lighter strokes around.

The image comparison between a rod of iron (leftmost) and hybrid clubs showed hybrid design sticks sticks neck like iron sticks aimed to minimize vibration when hit down on the pitch

Although extremely useful hybrid clubs than the number of small iron rod in the rod, but for beginners, advanced features that are not much benefit. So you should use basic iron rod when starting to play and slowly upgrade sticks after maturing hybrid.


Intense is the most used in golf. Think about it, if a shot golfers do 2 switch on each green, which meant he had gotten 36 times using a cane in each round. And sure many novice players will have to use more than that number.

There are many types on the market fiercer than any other club, and that is the most modern type of cause spots. Probably because choosing a stick standing is a personal work.

Usually there are 3 kinds of harsh, and the length is divided into 3 categories. Clubhead may be the traditional type, looks like a knife, kind of heel-toe, or type of mallet. About the length of the normal length in standard, short abdominal (belly), and ultra long as broomsticks.

Felicia Taylor who is an amateur golfer. But with his patient, you will be better. In some article he write, he had sharing some experience for choosing the rod to play this game. You can read some writings and consult. Form that you can also find the suitable rod for yourself. If you want to find the suitable rod for you to play, you can visit his website to know about experience when using this product.

Good luck to you.


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