The best way To Play Longboard Effectively

Longboard is the top choice of some people who like dangerous sport, as well as the majority of the skaters that I know by talking to its durability is excellent if compared to the remaining material. The only minus point is that its natural materials, the phenomenon synonymous with dilatation and unwanted discoloration.

There are many ways to play this sport. You can consider and on the other hand, you can read some information in From that website, you will know longboards for beginners 2016.

Skate shoes made of cloth also occupied a high position in the ranking of sales of the company, although the material fabric makes people fear the most. To overcome weaknesses reduce reliability and extends the time being “hole”, the company has used cloth embroidered with crises-cross technology – with interlocking lines tighter. This technology also helps in keeping the form at many shoes.

A new technology is also being named Duracap recent application, based on the aforementioned vulcanized – a rubber will “eat” into the fabric through the kiln. During the skate, outer fabric layer will quickly wear out, but not to the extent of vulnerability by a rubber layer located inside and get less “damage”. Duracap upcoming technology will appear in products made of suede with the purpose of enhancing the reliability and durability for the nasal


The designs are usually designed skate shoes’ soles with “characteristic, not curved as in shape as well as feet for running shoes. The reason lies in the impact surface is a flat surface plywood, flat outsole to have greater contact surface is easy to meet new balance.

Why Should Choose Good Shoes For Skate

That’s insoles PU (polyurethane). Compared with native lined EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) as Nike’s Lunarlon… has deteriorated rapidly porous layer, the PU lining remained almost unchanged condition. The quality of the shoes lining greatly affect the ability of the user movement, footsteps are sure or not depends on which side buffers. The majority of Vans Pro Skate line was switched to PU lining for 10 years, that’s why Vans shoe is trusted for a long time to play.

There is much debate on whether to use puffy skate shoes or flat reed, thick or thin, and which better support. The answer is the same, because there is something to pay attention to it when you wear the correct size and have the support shoelace size fit all, unless you bring to a wider shoes and hopes that the tongue thick chicken will be part better. Left to decide lies in aesthetic, who prefer neat the reed pick up, and vice versa.

Skaters for boarding at stop (brake) are also seen as a way of performing.

But with new players, it may VT’s how we fight off the danger. Please note that the player known skateboard beginners should use protective gear to ensure safety.

When sliding and dangerous feel the speed you use foot plank and place the heel to the ground to brake the pace of games and stop planks. This is quite common in the world of skater.

Jumping From Boarding

This is not necessarily true, but how to stop planks in the sense, it is how we stop that impaired planks in emergency conditions, such as encountered obstacles (people, animals, vehicles, …). This action simply keeps the focus on the games and dancing feet turned backward behind. Chest and hips slightly peered up front to avoid inertial forces do after fall over backward.

Stop By To Transport

This stop asking how requires a bit on a technical level. When sliding and dangerous feel the speed you use the leg press in the first game of the rear boards to the ground. This action helps inhibit the speed of the slide boards. Note that when stopped by the supporting leg insole boards should remain in the same position but also so twisted up to generate power for the leg lift plank planks pushed up. When they walked out of plywood cylindrical stepped forward to avoid accidents.

Above are three ways to stop the slide basic planks and simple for beginners. There’s also a number of other boards, but how to stop needs to exercise more and the technical requirements.

Good luck.

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