Three main types of fishing machines for anglers

We’ll show you some techniques and give you some advice on choosing a fishing rod.

There are many aspects to consider before purchasing a fishing rod, but perhaps the most important thing people often overlook is the size of the rod. The size is the key factor for us when we decide where to drop the bait and which kind of rod we should use to drop the fishing line. Choosing the best Fishing reels for your fishing rods are also relatively important.

Select kind of bait first, then the type of fish you want to catch. Location and size of bait will help you choose the appropriate rod.

How to choose a fishing machine:


It is devided into 3 main types: Horizontal machine, Vertical machine, Horizontal and vertical combined machines

Classification: There are basically three kinds of machines, each with its own advantages we choose

  1. Horizontal Machine:

Horizontal machine is operated in the type of fake or true bait. It dragged the thread and rotated the casting to discharge the thread longer. The heavier the bait is, the farther the thread is thrown. If fisher practices angling regularly, this model allows us to throw more accurately. Using the type is appropriate to with experienced anglers, especially when using baits and wiring designed to severely to the big fish.

Many professional anglers prefer this machine to pull with big and strong fish in the long run, especially the big fish in the sea. Most current horizontal machines are designed often overall system to adjust the fishing line traction of reel to control the tension of the line, just enough to stream out the line.Normally, people see with single key or 5 Wing lock on the machine.Fishing line is collected directly from the reel, so it make this machine be capable to cope with big fish.

Horizontal machine is generally designed as 1 block as early as it is poured into mold. Therefore, it has little beem affected the rust by the sea. We can choose horizontal machine in the manner of fishing:

Machine for offshore is designed for fishing big fish from boat. Machine dragging by boat allows us to adjust the machine with  live bait or fake bait while pulling a boat. The advantage is that the point of throwing is quite

* In this machine, Ring roling the normal line is to guide the fishing line backwards the reel equally. These are the convenient advantages of horizontal machine, while fishers throw overhead, throw in horizontal and feel lightly under low tree branches

  1. Machine Vertical:

Vertical Machine is a machine with front part of the reel in ventilation. Line in reel is released when the protect circle opens. This type of reel avoids the problem of tangled wires. The weight of the bait that anglers throw will pull wires out of the reel. We also need to make sure that the fishing machine we chose has left or right rotation hand, or be used for both sides..The vertical Machine is equiped with the  anti-reverse item, which is a simple organ, used after the throw because organs do not stream out the line when fish feeding bait and pull the line. Also, do not need to use the lock. Anti-reverse Lock is usually placed in gear organ. When using the machine along the sea, people should use the reel with. It has a high protect brim will accommodate many more fishing lines allowing us to throw it away, and less tangled wires. This type of reel will protect the intestinal seawater into the machine and not make clay moisture.

  1. The combination of horizontal and vertical machines:

This reel of the machine has been covered in the front. The reel is in silence status until people use the thumb to press the button to throw, which the reel will in motion and bait will pull out the fishing line. The reel of this machine is covered, but it is not limited to the wire streamed out. Besides, we can find or choose what kind of options for small fish and average weigh fish.


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