Which Is The Right Type Of Motorcycle Helmet For You?


Finding a suitable motorcycle helmet is not a decision to be taken lightly. There are lots of factors to consider in finding the best motorcycle helmet 2016, not just only for safety reason. Such helmet is expected to provide proper fit, ventilation, weather protection, wind resistance, and visibility while still remains quiet and lightweight. Of course, it is up to personal preference to value which factor more than others. There are 5 main types of motorcycle helmet available; let’s have a look at each type and find put which type suits your requirement the most.

Full Face Helmets

This is the most popular type of helmet.


  • There is no doubt that this type of helmet offers the best protection as it fully covers both the front and rear of the head, except for the eyes (which are covered by a clear visor). It means that the face and the jaw of the riders are also protected from injuries.
  • It is properly sealed against the weather impacts (like rain and sun).

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  • It is comfortable to wear without giving the rider pains on their head, shoulder and neck
  • It is a great choice for a quiet ride because the road sounds are tuned out effectively.
  • It comes with lots of features


  • This is not the most lightweight helmet type for sure. It can be slightly heavy for your taste due to the full coverage and protection it offers
  • Ventilation can be an issue, especially on hot summer days

Full-face helmets are mostly Snell-approved product. You can expect various features or this helmet type but look out for a removable shield, washable and removal liner. Plus, you should choose a helmet with enough room to accommodate your glasses (if you wear them).

Open Face Helmets (3/4th Helmets)


  • It also offers very good protection (but not as much as the full-face version because the face is left open). You tend to need eye gear when wearing this type of helmet; however, it is a good choice for people who do not to have their face fully covered.
  • On the other hand, you can expect better visibility compared to the full-helmet type.
  • One big plus is you can communicate with others easier.
  • It is lightweight enough to not make the rider feel uncomfortable.


  • This is not the best choice for protection against weather elements
  • It can cause strains on the neck
  • It does not tune out road noise as effectively as its full-face counterpart.

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Modular Helmets

You can think about this versatile helmet as a cross between a full face helmet and an open face helmet.


  • It is quite safe (but the structure is less solid than the full-face type)
  • The rider can choose to go open-face or opt for full coverage; therefore it is very convenient.
  • This type of helmet allows easy communication: the rider just needs to flip up the face guard instead of having to remove the helmet.
  • It is easy to put on and take off


  • It is not sealed so exposure to weather element can be a concern
  • It is even slightly heavier than the full-face type.

Half Helmets (Beanies)

This type is actually not very popular for motorcyclists; it is preferred by scooter drivers who prefer great freedom while driving. It is normally DOT-approved.


  • It is very lightweight and easy to put on, take off, or carry around.
  • Visibility is definitely not an issue at all.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho driving motorbike


  • It provides little protection (mostly just on the top of the head)
  • Since its design allows great wind resistance, you may end up feeling painful on the neck.
  • It does not protect the driver from weather elements due to minimal coverage.

Off Road/Motocross Helmets

Those who love racing will absolute this type of helmet. It offers s good protection from dirt and debris. You should use goggles for eye protection due to the absence of a face shield in most off-road helmets. It is very lightweight and well-ventilated.  Plus, it is more scratch- resistant than most other types.

Now that you know the main helmet types available, it is time you decide what your preference is and whether you are willing to compromise your safety for other factors like freedom and comfort.

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