Science of Free Will: Winning Projects 2011-12

Roy F. Baumeister and Joshua Knobe, “Experimental Studies on Free Will: Limited Resources, Folk Beliefs, and Moral Responsibility.”

Patrick Haggard and Nick Chater, “Decision Time for Free Will.”

Christof Koch, Gideon Yaffe, Adam Mamelak, Uri Maoz, and Ram Rivlin, “Intracranial Study of Free Will and Moral Responsibility.”

Hakwan Lau and Tim Bayne, “Free Will and the Functions of Awareness.”

Bertram F. Malle and Andrew E. Monroe, “Developing a Model of the Folk Concept of Free Will and its Impact on Moral Judgment.”

Haim Sompolinsky, Ariel Furstenberg, and Leon Y. Deouell, “Volition, Intention, and Priming: Elucidating the Interface Using Behavioral and EEG Experimentation, Neural Modeling and Philosophical Analysis.”

Peter Tse, Thalia Wheatley, Adina Roskies, and Walter Sinnot-Armstrong, “What Is a Readiness Potential?”

Kathleen Vohs, Thomas Nadelhoffer, Eddy Nahmias, and Jonathan Schooler, “The Psychology of Free Will: Beliefs About Free Will and Behavioral Effects of Altering Those Beliefs.”

Theoretical Underpinnings of Free Will: Winning Projects 2011-12

Jenann Ismael, “Physics and Free Will.”

Joshua Knobe and Shaun Nichols, “Experimental Philosophy and the Underpinnings of the Free Will Debate;” a boot camp for younger researchers.

Adina L. Roskies, “Decision-Making and Freedom: Bridging the Gap Between Human and Nonhuman.”

Theology of Free Will: Winning Projects 2011-12

David Hunt, “Freedom and Foreknowledge: Divine and Human Agency without Alternative Possibilities.”

Brian Leftow, “Divine Freedom.”

Hugh McCann, “Free Will for Theists: The Theology of Freedom.”