Alfred R. Mele

Alfred R. Mele

The director of Big Questions in Free Will is Alfred R. Mele, William H. and Lucyle T. Werkmeister Professor of Philosophy at Florida State University.

Mele’s major publications include the following monographs:

  • Effective Intentions: The Power of Conscious Will : (Oxford University Press, 2009)
  • Free Will and Luck : (Oxford University Press, 2006)
  • Motivation and Agency : (Oxford University Press, 2003)
  • Self-Deception Unmasked : (Princeton University Press, Princeton Monographs in Philosophy, 2001)
  • Autonomous Agents : (Oxford University Press, 1995)
  • Springs of Action : (Oxford University Press, 1992)
  • Irrationality : (Oxford University Press, 1987)

And as editor:

  • Free Will and Consciousness: How Might They Work? : (Oxford University Press, forthcoming; R. Baumeister, A. Mele, and K. Vohs, eds.)
  • Rationality and the Good : (Oxford University Press, 2007; M. Timmons, J. Greco, and A. Mele, eds.)
  • The Oxford Handbook of Rationality : (Oxford University Press, 2004; A. Mele and P. Rawling, eds.)
  • The Philosophy of Action : (Oxford University Press, Oxford Readings in Philosophy, 1997; A. Mele, ed.)
  • Mental Causation : (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1993; J. Heil and A. Mele, eds.)

For more, see Mele’s website