In these modern times, children can grab a lot of opportunities to get access to new life facilities. Their parents always look for the most suitable equipment for them right from when they are very small and the issue that gets the most attention of every parent is children’s health. To improve the health of children, parents choose biking as a kind of outdoor activities for children to take part in. In the market now, there are a lot of bikes to choose with designs and models appropriate for each type of exercises. For stationary activity, parents are looking for the best spin bikes while for moving, they select normal bikes. Today in this article, we will provide some tips for choosing children’s bikes for you.

  1. The suitable age for biking

Before buying a bike, you need to know at what age your children should learn to bike. This is very important. If you buy a bike but your kids are too small to ride it then it is pointless. Choosing a suited bike for children is not easy. The first factor is the age. There are several people giving us the question that “Can children at 3 years old learn to bike?” and many other similar questions. Here is some knowledge about that.

  • The suitable age for your children to get access to a bike is 30 months old. For those children, we can select the mini bike for them and the most significant criteria are safety and comfort.
  • For children at the age of 5 or more, they are able to learn to control the bike and take steps to ride it around the yard.
  • When children turn 10 years old, they can ride a bike on the streets. However, parents had better go with them and keep an eye on them on the grounds that they may not be skillful.
  1. Types of bikes

A number of bikes are being sold in the present market with different parameters. Each type is suited to children of dissimilar age. Here are some models of bikes for you to consider.

  • Three – wheel bikes: a three – wheel bike is of the best suitability for kids under 5 years old. This type can be regarded as the safest bike on the grounds that children will not fall down to the ground. The two wheels behind will keep balanced. The bike is also not tall so that your children will have the ability to control over the bike even though they are small.
  • Spin bikes: a spin bike is a kind of sporty stationary bike. It is used for improving leg muscles. Or in case your children are afraid of practicing biking with a normal bike, you can let them try on a spin bike so that they will become get used to it soon.


  1. Some other notes

Here, there are some more notes in terms of selecting a bike for kids that you can consult in.

  • In the market, because there are many bikes so when choosing, parents had better try on it first to test the bike and all the parameters.
  • When children are small, they cannot combine all the skills. Therefore, you should only guide them to practice each skill step by step until they master it.

  • Biking requires flexible arms and hands so you have to teach your children how to control over the bike. Paying attention to them all the time is necessary. Whenever your children make mistakes, do not shout at them. Try to encourage them to overcome the pain and continue biking.
  • Additionally, it is essential to test the durability of the bike frame, quality and safety of the wheels.

Needless to say, biking is one of the most suitable sports for children at the age of 5 – 15. With the notes mentioned above we are sure that you can define exactly the bike model for your kids. Furthermore, in your free time, you can have a good time with your children by biking with them and giving them instructions to master biking. Your children will become more interested in this beneficial sport.

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